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Pedophile, child killer Harold Smeltzer admits to being ‘attracted’ to underage girl while on day parole

WATCH: The family of a little girl kidnapped and murdered in Calgary nearly 40 years ago fears her killer will reoffend. They say new information released in a parole board decision raises huge red flags. Nancy Hixt reports.


A man who kidnapped and murdered a little girl in Calgary nearly 40 years ago is still struggling with sexual deviancy, Global News has learned.

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Harold Smeltzer was out on day parole when the latest incident happened.

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“You admitted to an incident in which while in the community, you became attracted to an underage girl who was walking down the street towards you,” the Parole Board of Canada decision reads.

“You were able to identify that this may have been triggered by a sex scene you had watched on television before signing out of the correctional centre.”

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Kimmie Thompson’s family can’t help but see red flags, given he randomly grabbed her off the street.

“It still bothers him, so it’s just going to escalate and eventually somebody is going to go through the same stuff we’ve been going through…and continue to go through,” Kimmie’s mother Evelyn Thompson said.

Five-year-old Kimmie was on her way to kindergarten on Jan. 24, 1980.

Smeltzer kidnapped her. He went on to drown in her in a bathtub and dump her tiny body in a garbage. Her body was found the next day. He was convicted of first-degree murder.

But despite the recent incident, the board has extended Smeltzer’s freedoms.

He’s once again been granted day parole for the next six months and his overnight privileges have also been extended.

Watch below from October 2016: Nancy Hixt speaks to Kimmie’s mother, who is questioning why Harold Smeltzer is being allowed out unsupervised.

The victim’s family has also been notified he could be granted full parole at any time.

“If he’s having problems controlling his urges when he’s walking down the street, and they want to let him out on full parole, that scares the hell out of me,” Thompson said. “It really does.”

The board has noted the seriousness of Smeltzer’s crimes: he’s admitted to as many as 40 sexual assaults against young girls. But it’s not enough to revoke his day parole.

“The board is satisfied that your risk would not be undue on a further period of day parole and that your ongoing release will continue to facilitate your successful reintegration into the community.”

Smeltzer is currently on a wait list to resume psychological counselling—something the victim’s family feels should be a priority.

“He needs it now; he doesn’t need to wait. Why make him wait? So his urges can get stronger?” Thompson asked.

“Why take that risk of having another child murdered, raped?…Why take the risk?”

Smeltzer is currently on day parole in Regina.

The 61-year-old has to follow a list of conditions, including staying away from any places where children under 18 years old are likely to be.

He is not allowed to access pornography or sexually explicit material in any form, and he’s not allowed to contact his victims or victims’ families.

He is to report all intimate sexual and non-sexual relationships with individuals who have responsibility for children.

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