Teulon organizes social for Vegas victim

Jan Lambourne, pictured with her friend Jody Ansell (left) in Las Vegas, is having a social thrown in Teulon to help cover the costs resulting from the shooting. Facebook

One of the Manitobans shot in Las Vegas while attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival is back home in Teulon, and residents of the small town are throwing a social for her.

Teulon postmaster Linda Greig said Jan Lambourne is doing well since coming back from the United States.

“She’s doing okay – she has her good days and her bad days, of course, but she is kind of walking around with the walker and recovering,” Greig said.

“She’s very bruised of course and very sore, but she’s making progress slowly but surely.”

Lambourne was shot in the stomach and had surgery in a Las Vegas hospital. She was told she may need a second surgery to remove the bullet that is still lodged in her pelvis.

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Greig said once Lambourne returned to Manitoba, doctors told her they wouldn’t operate unless the bullet affected her ability to walk, which they said is unlikely.

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According to Grieg, Lambourne is the talk of Teulon, especially at the post office.

“She’s very well known in this town – everybody loves her,” Greig said.

Her popularity has made it easy for Greig to coordinate efforts to support Lambourne and her family in this difficult time. The social being thrown for Lambourne is happening Nov. 4, and Greig says she’s ready to start selling tickets for the event as soon as they arrive from the printers.

“Everybody knows of her or know her personally so they’re all pitching in, they all offered to help, either with the social or anything they can. Picking up donations from people, passing out flyers, it’s just wonderful,” Greig said.

She is thrilled with the willingness shown by residents of Teulon to help, and said anyone interested in purchasing a ticket to the social can contact her on Facebook or call Lambourne’s shop, Sole Purpose Reflexology, at (204) 886-3910.

Greig said while medical costs are an obvious concern for the Lambourne family, there’s also the fact that Lambourne won’t be able to work until she’s fully recovered.

“Let’s not forget she’s got her own business, so there won’t be an income for a long time. And her husband is missing work right now – I’m not sure what kind of leave he’s entitled to where he works, so they’re going to need it,” Greig said.


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