Tourist uses Facebook to track down Australian couple he inadvertently photographed during proposal

Click to play video: 'Proposal on Bondi Beach gets inadvertently photographed, internet helps track couple down'
Proposal on Bondi Beach gets inadvertently photographed, internet helps track couple down
WATCH: See the images that captured the moment Lyall Bezett proposed to Amelia Wright – Oct 5, 2017

Amelia Wright and Lyall Bezett weren’t expecting to have any photographic record of the moment they became engaged, but it was all inadvertently captured by tourist Martin Cervantes.

Cervantes, who lives in Brisbane, told Global News that he was visiting Sydney with friends and stopped by the famous Bondi Beach last week. Being an avid amateur photographer, he snapped several shots of the shore.

“I shared some of the photos with my family back in Argentina and it was then that my brother saw that in one photo, Lyall is kneeling down,” said Cervantes.

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He took a closer look and realized he had the entire sequence caught on camera.

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“I was just trying to take a nice photo of Bondi Beach and didn’t notice the couple in there at all,” he said.

Realizing that he had pictures of a special moment for the couple, he turned to social media to help track down the pair.

“We don’t know that many people in Sydney, so I asked my Facebook friends to share [the photos]. The next morning someone had tagged Lyall and Amelia in the post! It all happened really quickly,” he said.

Wright said she and her new fiancé were delighted to find out there were photos of the proposal.

“How beautiful is it that he managed to capture our special moment in the midst of all of Bondi?” said Wright.

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The 27-year-old real estate agent from Melbourne told Global News that she didn’t suspect Bezett would propose on their trip to Sydney.

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“We’ve been talking about getting married for a few years now but I had almost given up hope, so I didn’t suspect a thing,” she said. “I was in shock and you can actually see in one of the photos that I was stiff as a board since I thought he was actually kidding until I saw the ring in his hand!”

The journey of the ring onto Wright’s finger was a close call on its own.

Bezett had the ring custom made by his uncle, who is a jeweler in New Zealand. But on top of other shipping issues, the ring got caught up in customs at the border.

“Lyall said he didn’t think it would make it here in time for our little getaway to Sydney,” said Wright.

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The couple plans to tie the knot next fall at a winery close to Melbourne.

Cervantes said he hopes his accidental photos will help the young couple remember the moment and share it with their families.

“Every moment has been so perfect and we feel so privileged that someone caught it on camera,” said Wright.


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