Bill Kelly: Vegas massacre is only the tip of the iceberg

Jimmy Kimmel calls on U.S. gov’t to take action on gun control: ‘I think it is time for debate?’
Late night show host Jimmy Kimmel called out Sarah Huckabee Sanders and dozens of other political leaders for their unwillingness to discuss gun control in the wake of the deadly Las Vegas shooting.

The numbers of the Las Vegas mass murder are horrific: 59 dead so far and more than 500 injured, in the largest mass shooting in American history — so far.

If anyone hoped that this tragedy would ignite a discussion about gun control, think again.

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This is America, where the misguided interpretation of the second amendment, has served as justification for Americans to own guns and kill each other.

The National Rifle Association — the strongest gun lobbyists in America — threaten all-out war against any politician who preaches gun control.

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Even in the wake of the Las Vegas horror, Donald Trump offered only “warm condolences” to the victims; there was no mention of gun control and no mention of terrorism, although if the shooter was named Mohamed, and not a white American male, you can bet that Trump would have ramped up his anti-Muslim hate speech.

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The truth is, the real threat to America is Americans killing Americans.

In 2017 so far,  there have been 154 mass shootings in America in which American citizens shot and killed over 6,800 fellow  Americans.

American lawmakers, including the buffoon in the White House, refuse to acknowledge this clear and present danger.

America’s obsession with guns means that the Las Vegas assault on innocent people may be the worst in history, but sadly, it won’t be the last.

Bill Kelly is the host of Bill Kelly Show on AM 900 CHML and a commentator for Global News.