Scott Thompson: Why is Paul Bernardo allowed to continually traumatize victims’ families?

Courtroom sketch from the Paul Bernardo trial. (Pam Davies)

School girl killer Paul Bernardo is once again forcing his demented life on the French and Mahaffy families.

In case you are not old enough to remember Bernardo, and his now free ex-wife Karla Homolka, brutally raped and murdered teens Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy in the early 1990s.

Homolka got off on a much lesser charge on a bad plea deal and is now living the life as a free mother of three kids, the kind of life these two girls never got a chance to live.

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Bernardo, sentenced to life and deemed a dangerous offender, will never get out says longtime lawyer for the French and Mahaffy families Tim Danson.

But that doesn’t stop the psychopath from threatening to ask for day parole every year, triggering a series of hoops the victims’ families must jump through just to keep him in prison.

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Because the families refuse to let their guards down, fearing somehow Canadian law will set Bernardo free, they are forced to relive the loss of their daughters over and over again at his demented demand.

That simply isn’t right.

If we keep these non-rehabilitative misfits alive in prison, we should at least prevent them from continually victimizing the families this way.

Why isn’t government listening?

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