Angela Kokott: This election is guaranteed to be interesting

Ballot box.
The Civic Election is underway and it's sure to be an 'interesting' ride. File Photo

We are four weeks away from electing a new city council. Unlike the past few elections, I’m betting the electorate will be much more engaged this time around.

In 2013, 39 per cent of Calgarians showed up to vote. Pretty discouraging numbers.  However, 2013 was before the economic downturn. It was before Naheed Nenshi had been in power for an extended period of time and long before the Flames started talking about a new arena. ​

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2017 has brought a long list of issues that touch every Calgarian. Whether it be taxation, transportation or trailer parks, you’ll be hard pressed to find a voter who doesn’t have some skin in the game.

You’ve got the next four weeks to look at the candidates running for mayor or councillor. Do your research and choose wisely as this opportunity won’t come around for another four years.

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Let the fun begin.


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