Nun with chainsaw takes on the mess Hurricane Irma left behind

Nun who clears Hurricane Irma debris with chainsaw becomes internet sensation
WATCH ABOVE: Nun who clears Hurricane Irma debris with chainsaw becomes internet sensation

A chainsaw-wielding nun in Miami is being praised online after taking it upon herself to help clean up Hurricane Irma‘s destruction.

Images of Margaret Ann appeared online after a police officer caught her slicing away branches of a broken tree on Tuesday, dressed in her full habit.

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In a viral Facebook post, the Miama-Dade Police Department wrote: “As we recover from #HurricaneIrma, these acts of kindness remind us all that we are #OneCommunity in #MiamiDadeCounty!”

The story even caught the attention of one Canadian, who shipped the sister a new state-of-the-art chainsaw, CBS News reported.

The nun, who is a principal at Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School, spoke to CNN about her now-viral story.

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“The road was blocked, we couldn’t get through,” she explained.

“I had the means — so I wanted to help out.”

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The school took to Facebook to express pride in her act of kindness.

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“We are proud of the example [our sisters] show for our students and other members of the community every day,” a post from Wednesday read.

And the principal is leading by example. Students and faculty at the school woke up early Wednesday morning to tidy up their school grounds and community in the wake of Irma.

They shared photos on Facebook, writing “We are thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful community.”