Curbside giveaway weekend takes over Winnipeg

Items put out for a past giveaway weekend in Wildwood Park. Lara Schroeder / Global News

Treasure hunters rejoice: it’s the twice-annual curbside giveaway weekend!

Starting Saturday morning, people are invited to leave unwanted items by the curb, ideally on public property.

The items have to be in good, reusable shape, and while there are a few things you can’t leave out, pretty much everything is fair game, as long as you put a ‘free’ sticker on it.

“Anecdotally, just in our own travels, we like to keep track and it’s very interesting to see all the different things that can be put out,” explained Mark Kinsley, Supervisor of Waste Diversion. “We are excited, and it’s such a great opportunity for people to unload some stuff and hopefully get some stuff back.”

Books, electronics, furniture, sports equipment, toys, tools, small appliances and clothing can all be left out. Items harbouring bed bugs, toilets and certain children’s products are not supposed to be included.

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“It’s very important that you take the attitude that you’re putting something out that you’d want to get back in return,” Kinsley said. “Respect is a big thing. Respect other people’s property.”

The city reminds you to make sure you don’t mix up anything you want to keep with stuff you want to get rid of. Anything unclaimed by dusk Sunday needs to be taken off the curb.

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