London’s to acquire


The largest global online marketplace for audio and voice overs, based in London, Ont., is set to acquire the leading platform for talent and management agents representing major celebrities.

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“So on, most of our clients have access to freelancers: people who work from home-based recording studios all around the world,” CEO and Founder, David Ciccarelli, told AM980.

“But now, by working with VoiceBank, we have access to celebrities like Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore, Keifer Sutherland, the list goes on and on.”

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Story continues below advertisement was founded in 2005 to connect freelancers with job opportunities and is now comprised of nearly half a million business clients and voice actors in 139 countries. The company employs over 100 people and recently pulled in an $18-million investment from Silicon Valley’s Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital.

California-based was launched in 1998 and is mostly used by talent and management agents.

“From early meetings, it was clear to me that our companies had much in common, including a similar vision for the future. That, in combination with it being the right time for each of us, resulted in this acquisition,” said CEO and founder, Jeff Hixon.

Ciccarelli confirmed to AM980 that the long-term goal is to unite the two under, but for now the two will continue operating on separate platforms. He added that he doesn’t expect any impact on staffing at this point.

“In fact, I would position that more as an opportunity for our staff here in London, Ontario, to be able to build further relationships with the customers that they work with. The employees that work right now in the United States, we’re continuing to work with them and they’re going to continue to serve those customers as well.”

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