Video captures massive shark prowling off N.B. coast in Bay of Fundy

Massive shark spotted off N.B. coast in Bay of Fundy
WATCH ABOVE: A boater off Dipper Harbour, N.B., spots a five-metre-long shark prowling in the Bay of Fundy.

A boater searching for seals and whales near Saint John, N.B., got more than he bargained for when he witnessed a massive shark swim by his boat.

Kie Crawford was wildlife spotting with his wife and kids on Aug. 2 in the Bay of Fundy near Dipper Harbour when the five-metre-long (17 feet) shark approached his boat.

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“That’s a big, big, big shark,” Crawford can be heard saying in the video that his wife recorded. “That’s not a baby, that’s huge!”

As the shark swam by their boat, the video captured the shark’s two dorsal fins poking out of the water.

“That thing’s huge … look at the size of it!” Crawford exclaims before attempting to get closer.

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“I’m going to try and pull up alongside of it again,” he says, as his children urge not to.

“No, what the heck, Dad!” one of Crawford’s kids can be heard saying.

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The shark in the video is believed to be a basking shark, due to the rounded dorsal fin.

Great white sharks and basking sharks are commonly seen in the Bay of Fundy in the warmer months.

Basking sharks are the largest fish found in Canadian waters, and the second-largest fish in the world.

According to the Grand Manan Whale and Seabird Research Station, the giant sharks can grow to be 10 metres long (32 feet).

Basking sharks leave the Bay of Fundy in October and November, to swim south to warmer waters in the Caribbean.