Tasha Kheiriddin Wednesday, August 2nd 2017

Tasha Kheiriddin Wednesday, August 2nd 2017 - image

In case you missed it: Here’s your one-stop look at all the highlights of the Tasha Kheiriddin Show on July 31st:

More Canadians living with Grandparents according to new Census

According to the Census, more Canadians are living with grandparents, and more Canadian grandparents are raising grandchildren. What does this mean for Canada’s future? Tasha welcomes Andrea Mrozek of Cardus Family to look forward.

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Bloomberg calls Toronto renting a nightmare – Is this justified?

A recent article in Bloomberg suggests Toronto renting is a nightmare. Geordie Dent from the Federation of Metro Tenants association joins Tasha to debate some of the issues raised.

Toronto holds community meeting regarding missing gay men

Alana MacLeod from Global News was in attendance at the meeting. She joins Tasha to clear up the facts surrounding the case.

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READ MORE: Residents, Toronto police meet to discuss missing men in Church-Wellesley neighbourhood

Political Review – Caroline Mulroney announces her debut into Ontario politics, NDP’s announce funding so far, and Trudeau in deep water with Indigenous issues

Tasha speaks with Global News’ Vassy Kapelos to debate some of the current issues in the world of Canadian politics.

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