Bob Layton Editorial: How much is too much?

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In this . AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

This is an editorial I seem to do every year, either to show you what has changed or that nothing has changed.

It’s the discussions around your medicine, salt and coffee intake.

We have been warned against drinking more than four cups of coffee a day because of side effects ranging from everything from insomnia to irregular heartbeats. Now a report says drinking three cups of coffee a day can lead to reduced risk of liver disease and strokes.

Three cups good. Four cups bad. There’s a fine line to walk.

Then, sodium: One study says too much sodium is linked to heart attack and stroke; another cautions against too little sodium intake.

The discussions continue over good fat and bad fat, and how much exercise is the right amount.

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Now it’s antibiotics. Have you been told to always finish your pills, to make sure your illness is gone? A new study says do not finish all your pills — stop taking them when you feel better — because the prescription may have been too long to begin with.

How are you supposed to know what the right amount of anything is?

Are you confident they even know what the right amount of anything is?

Let me know how you decide what’s best for your family.

Bob Layton is the news manager of the Corus Edmonton group of radio stations and a commentator for Global News.

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