Calgary parrot returns home after 3-month mystery adventure

Click to play video: '‘A miracle’: Calgary parrot missing for three months returns home' ‘A miracle’: Calgary parrot missing for three months returns home
WATCH: A Calgary woman is celebrating a reunion she thought might never happen. Here’s Gil Tucker on how her beloved bird took flight and the mystery about what he’s been up to – Jul 28, 2017

Feeding him his favourite treat of chopped apple on Friday, Breanna Markel asks her parrot, Bob, the question she’s wanted an answer to for the past three months: “Where were you, buddy?”

It’s a mystery that began on May 1, and one that will probably never be solved.

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Markel had left the door open that spring day and Bob flew out.

“We chased him around the whole neighbourhood,” Markel said.

“We searched and searched and searched, and we put up hundreds of posters. I posted everywhere online that I could think of.”

Markel said weeks went by with no sightings of Bob.

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“I had people saying, ‘You know a small bird like that, I don’t think he’s going to survive out there.’ And I was just starting to feel like I might never see him again, which is the worst.”

But then came word this week that a parrot had flown into a woman’s garage 15 kilometres from Markel’s home. The woman recognized Bob’s photo from an online post and called Markel.

“It was a miracle for me that I got that call,” Markel said.

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She said Bob immediately recognized her when she went to pick him up.

“He’s in really good shape, he hasn’t lost much weight, his feathers look pretty good,” Markel said. “We suspect that he was with someone for a little bit, cause his band has been removed.”

With Bob back at his perch on her shoulder, Markel still wonders where he’d been all that time.

“Do you know what you put me through?” she jokingly asked her feathered friend.

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“No, you don’t care – you just want more apples.”

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