Get it while you can – B.C. fruit could have a shorter shelf life this year, says farming expert

Apples at a fruit stand in West Kelowna, British Columbia.
Apples at a fruit stand in West Kelowna, British Columbia.

If you’re a berry lover you’ll want to stock up early and often this summer, as Fraser Valley fruit crops are on track for a short season this year.

That’s according to University of the Fraser Valley farming expert Tom Baumann, who says an icy winter and rainy spring had farmers on edge this year.

But, come harvest time, he said there’s been no shortage of fresh fruit.

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Baumann says a late spring followed by the sudden onset of summer heat means it’s ripening quickly and could be off the shelves earlier than usual this year.

“I would get them now. We do have everything available in good quantity on the fresh market, but come Labour Day we’re probably going to be finished with some.”

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As for why that is, Baumann says the colder seasons made for a shorter timetable this year.

“It’s a season that’s more compressed. We started late in springtime, and we got later and later and later, and then summer came along and we got all caught up.”

Baumann says farmers did suffer some crop losses, but mostly for commercial sale – meaning you’ll likely pay more for jams and canned goods this winter.