Seven is not the magic number for Leduc County when it comes to electoral divisions

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Leduc County doesn't want to see it's provincial electoral divisions change from two to seven. Tamara Forlanski/Global News

A report by the Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission on proposed changes to the provincial electoral divisions is drawing the ire of Leduc County’s Mayor.

The report suggests changing the county’s electoral division from two, to seven.

John Whaley said Friday, not only would that be silly for the residents from a practical point of view, but also from a municipal viewpoint.

“We’ve been used to working with two MLAs, where the divide line was at Devon, highway 60 roughly running north and south,” said Whaley. “So we had the west end of the county under one jurisdiction, and east end of the county under another. So trying to work with seven MLAs on projects in the county going forward, is just going to be a nightmare.”

He added that he doesn’t understand the commission’s thinking.

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“When I saw the way they’re splitting the county up, I thought ok. I thought we had some people here who were knowledgeable, knew what they were doing but I’m seriously doubting whether they actually do. And I mean that in such a nice way.”

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Whaley said in the time he’s been mayor the boundaries have changed about five times, and it’s getting to the point where people aren’t wanting to come out and vote.

“And it’s gotten to the point where people really don’t know who I have to vote for and when, and where I’ve got to vote for as well becomes an issue. Will they have to travel too far, people at the end of the day say I’m not traveling now somewhere to put my vote in, it isn’t going to work.”

The divisions proposed by the commission include Devon-Parkland, Edmonton-Ellerslie, Edmonton-South, Edmonton-South West, Leduc-Beaumont, Stettler-Wainwright, Wetaskiwin-Camrose.

The county’s proposal includes Beaumont-Leduc County, Leduc-Leduc County.

The commission wants to hold additional public hearings and take additional written submissions, before delivering the final report on October 31.