Delta wants work to continue on bridge replacement for Massey Tunnel

Click to play video 'Critics call for NDP government to halt new Massey Bridge construction' Critics call for NDP government to halt new Massey Bridge construction
Thu, Jul 6: Despite the fact the “shovels are in the ground”, there are growing calls for the new NDP government to halt construction on the new Massey Bridge. Ted Chernecki has the story – Jul 6, 2017

The Corporation of Delta is urging the incoming government to move forward with the Massey Tunnel replacement without delay.

A report addressed to all three B.C. party leaders said the tunnel is a serious safety risk, and if the government plans to re-open the debate there will be “serious implications” for Metro Vancouver.

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George Harvie, the corporation’s chief administrative officer, said the report doesn’t represent Delta’s recommendations; rather, it’s a compilation of findings from reports commissioned by the government over the years.

“We have a public safety hazard risk there right now,” he said.

“Professional engineers, people we rely on ensuring we meet building codes and seismic standards, we’re going with their recommendation which is build a bridge.”

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The NDP has said that twinning the tunnel might be a better option, but Harvie said that wouldn’t be the best way forward.

“The reports shows it’s not technically feasible to update the tunnel and building a new tunnel to the same seismic standards as a bridge is much more costly, complex, and environmentally damaging,” he said.

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“All those studies have been done over the last four years. We’re hoping that they will read the report, look at the facts and have their staff do an evaluation and come to a conclusion that we need to move on right now.”

Construction began on the replacement earlier this spring with a price tag of $3.5 billion.

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