South Korea fires its own missiles after North Korea launches an ICBM

Click to play video: 'South Korean navy conducts live-fire drill as tensions mount with the north'
South Korean navy conducts live-fire drill as tensions mount with the north
WATCH ABOVE:South Korea conducted a live fire military drill on Thursday amid tensions on the peninsula after North Korea's latest ballistic missile launch. – Jul 6, 2017

South Korean warplanes and navy ships have fired a barrage of missiles into the waters during one-day drills aimed at boosting a readiness against possible North Korean aggression.

Thursday’s drills off the east coast were previously scheduled but they occurred two days after North Korea test-launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile.

Coverage of North Korea’s missile launch on

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South Korea’s navy says the drills involve 15 warships including a 3,200-ton-class destroyer, helicopters and fighter jets.

The North’s ICBM launch was a milestone in its efforts to pursue an arsenal of long-range nuclear missiles capable of reaching anywhere in the United States. Analysts say the missile tested Tuesday could reach Alaska if launched at a normal trajectory.

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After the launch, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he will never put his weapons programs up for negotiations.

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