City of White Rock creates tip page for ‘rumours’ so it can debunk them

City of White Rock creates tip page for ‘rumours’ so it can debunk them - image
City of White Rock / Screenshot

The City of White Rock is asking people to report any rumours or inaccurate information they hear so the city can address “misconceptions.”

The new page, called “Rumours and Misconceptions,” is meant to address any “inaccurate information circulating in the community and the media.”

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The site asks people to take a screenshot or provide a link to the post in question and send any available information, as well as the date and time of broadcast.

The first three rumours on the site are concerned with water. The posts mention the rumour followed by a “fact” from the city.

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“We’re not in the business of fake news, we’re in the business of providing factual information based on science, based on data, based on subject matter experts who have years of experience,” said Spokesperson Farnaz Farrokhi.

She said the website is working and it’s already having an effect.

Members of the public who have heard rumours they “believe should be corrected” are asked to refer them to

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