$185 likely won’t buy you a Prada bag, but it will buy you a Prada paperclip

The Prada paperclip.
The Prada paperclip.

If you’re looking to buy a gift for that special someone who has everything, Prada may have solved your problem.

The Italian company best known for its handbags is selling a high-end money clip in the likeness of a paperclip.

For just US$185, you can buy the polished, sterling silver paper clip that features the “Prada” name embossed on one side.

The clip is available on Barney’ If you’re a bargain hunter, may want to bundle a few paperclips as the website offers $10 shipping to Canada on orders of $500 or more. You will also enjoy free duties at that mark as well.

The unusual accessory has naturally caused a stir on Twitter

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The Prada Paperclip is just the latest in string of crazy offers that have been unleashed on consumers more concerned with dollars and cents than common sense.

Last week, Balenciaga offered a shopping bag for US$2,145.

It’s a bag that looks eerily similar to the ones customers receive for free when they buy things at the store.

But though the bags look identical, one is made of paper while the other is made of calfskin.

The Balenciaga bag has sold out.

Just last summer, consumers were offered a brick from skateboarding company Supreme for just $30 apiece.

The red, clay bricks were quick to sell out with some landing on eBay with a price tag of up to $1,000, according to the Guardian.

A quick scan of ebay shows you can now pick yourself up a Supreme Brick for the low, low price of C$102.21 or best offer.