Heat warnings continue for London region

After a blistering weekend across the London region, heat warnings remain in effect from Environment Canada and the local health unit.

Before things start to cool down on Tuesday, we’re expecting high temperatures and humidex values Monday along with more sunshine.

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We sweat through our first 30 C day of 2017 on Sunday, but Monday will be even hotter with the high expected to hit 32 C.

Environment Canada meteorologist Rob Kuhn tells AM980 we could break the weather record of 32.2 C set in 1954.

“The humidex [Monday] will probably be in the high 30s, 37 or 38,” said Kuhn. “[Sunday] it was in the mid-30s, so [Monday will be] a little bit more humid than [Sunday] but this air mass is a bit on the dry dry so it’s going to be hot, but we’ve certainly had steamier air masses than this in the past.”
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So this may only be the beginning of what’s to come this summer, but Public Health Inspector with the Middlesex-London Health Unit, Randy Walker, said it’s important to watch for signs of heat-related illness, such as fatigue, headache, and confusion.

“Recognize that you just came out of a winter doldrum, the body’s not ready for this heat so give the body a break and enjoy yourself but pay attention to the fact that the heat you’re going to feel, you haven’t felt for a year,” he said.

Residents are urged to wear sunscreen, limit time spent outdoors, and stay hydrated.

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Conditions will cool down a bit tomorrow, with a risk of showers and high of 25 C which will likely bring an end to the heat warnings, but the temperature will creep back up to near 30 C by next weekend.

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