Historic sod home near Kindersley, Sask. receiving heritage award

Addison Sod House near Kindersley has stood the test of time, with a family member living in it for 106 years. Supplied / Friends of the Addison Sod House Committee

A sod home that has been continuously lived in since it was built north of Kindersley, Sask., is about to receive a prestigious heritage award.

The Addison Sod House was originally built in 1911 by James Addison, who was a skilled carpenter.

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He was determined to build a home that would last – and it has stood the test of time for 106 years.

The four foot base tapers to three feet of interlocking sod brick walls. Using this technique prevented the gradual collapse of the house.

It was originally protected by vine and is now covered by siding.

What makes the home unique is that a family member has lived in the two-storey home on its original homestead since it was constructed.

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Addison lived in the home until he passed away in 1963. His daughter, Edith Gardiner then lived there and now granddaughter Lenore McTaggart now calls it home.

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The family has recognized the importance of the sod house and have dedicated themselves to its preservation.

On June 14, 2017, the family will be honoured by Lt.-Gov. Vaughn Solomon Schofield with a heritage award.

The Lieutenant Governor Award will recognize the family in the category of Long Term Stewardship of a Heritage Property at a ceremony at Government House in Regina.

The Addison Sod House is a Provincial Heritage Property and a National Historic Site.

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