Aggressive deer attack dogs and owners in Saanich

Click to play video: 'Saanich Police warn public after aggressive deer attacks'
Saanich Police warn public after aggressive deer attacks
WATCH: Police on southern Vancouver Island are warning the public after recent aggressive deer attacks are putting people and their pets at risk. Neetu Garcha reports – Jun 5, 2017

Aggressive deer are being blamed for two separate attacks on dogs and their owners in Saanich.

Police say both incidents happened Sunday near wooded areas close to the University of Victoria.

Romeo Strasbourg said he was walking his dog when a doe attacked and would not be deterred by shouts or arm waving.

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The animal tracked him for blocks and even tried to follow him onto the porch of a house before being scared off, he added.

Staff Sgt. Chris Horsley said a deer also charged into the yard of a home and repeatedly attacked the family dog before the homeowner grabbed a baseball bat and forced the deer to retreat

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“Deer can be very protective, especially the does, because they have just had fawns and they go into a very protective mode,” he said.

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No people were injured in the confrontations, said Horsley, adding that anyone with dogs should be extremely cautious around deer at this time of year.

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