Groundwater creeping up in Peachland

Click to play video: 'Groundwater creeping up in Peachland' Groundwater creeping up in Peachland
Groundwater creeping up in Peachland – Jun 2, 2017

Almost half of Todd’s Campground in Peachland is underwater; highly sought after campsites can’t be rented out.

The campground manager, Bruce Britton, said he hates to have to turn people away.

“Oh, yes we’re losing money like crazy and we’re trying to scramble to balance things now just keep bills paid and keep our heads above water,” Britton said.

A sump pump is going 24/7 in the electrical room because if water reaches the electricity box the campground will have to be evacuated.

“The lake level is higher than where we are standing,” Britton said. “The minute it breaches the road it’ll come over into here.”

Not far away, it’s move in day for Tony Debonis, who just bought a new house in Peachland. He was surprised that it came with an unlisted feature.

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“The house comes with a pool now. A basement pool,” Debonis said.

Debonis said he’s given up on pumping. The water is coming in faster than he can get rid of it. He said it will be months before his basement is dry enough to renovate.

“The drywall’s got to come out new flooring insulation everything, so it’s big damage.”

They’re pumping about 1135 litres (300 gallons) of water per minute out of the basement of the Peachland United Church, but it’s not enough.

“This church was built on rock and boards so there really isn’t a foundation,” Pastor Ian McLean said. “So the water table is right underneath the floor.”

The church’s thrift store, a big source of funding for the organization, had to be moved out of the basement and into the church’s hall next door.


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