Tanya Thicke on her husband’s passing: ‘We were planning on having a baby’

Tanya Thicke is opening up about the sudden death of her husband, Alan Thicke, in a new interview with The Insider.

Sitting down with the outlet, the 41-year-old widow, who is currently battling in court with the star’s eldest sons, Brennan and Robin Thicke, over his estate, reveals the couple were planning on expanding their family before the actor’s heart attack and subsequent passing in December 2016.

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“We were planning on having a baby together,” she explains. “He called the doctor the day before he died to schedule the whole thing to do the embryo, which we were going to do the second week of January. And it was shocking – the loss. I would give anything to have my husband here with me.”

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Speaking about her husband’s appearance on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry just months before his death, Thicke reveals that Henry picked up on a possible issue with the actor’s heart. “It was something we discussed,” she says. “‘Is there any kind of heart issue in the family?’ And he goes ‘there is none in my family,’ so you don’t really think twice about it.”

In a clip obtained by Too Fab, Thicke is seen breaking into tears as she watches the former Growing Pains star receive a warning about his heart. “When it comes to a family in a gene perspective, it’s possible that within your family there might be multiple men who end up at a later age dealing with blood pressure issues,” Henry says. “It’s almost saying keep in mind your own heart.”

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ET Canada recently spoke with the actor’s sister, Joanne Thicke, at her home in Brampton, who told Sangita Patel, “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t cry.”

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Speaking of Alan playing hockey with his son, Carter Thicke, leading up to his ruptured aorta, which led to his death five months ago, she adds, “Alan was a guy who loved to do everything 100 per cent, but there was no warm up.” Thicke says, “We all depended on him a lot. He was the glue of our family.”

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