Boat runs aground on Vancouver’s Sunset Beach as Boat Safety Awareness Week kicks off

Warm long weekend
WATCH: It's the long weekend that British Columbians have been dreaming about all winter. Hundreds of thousands of people spend the day outdoors to enjoy the good weather. Jill Bennett reports.

Boating Safety Awareness kicked off during this Victoria Day long weekend but it seems at least one boat owner did not get the message.

A pleasure craft ran aground on Vancouver’s Sunset Beach Saturday morning. The boat is believed to have been travelling overnight from Victoria when it suffered a navigational issue at the entrance to False Creek and ran onto the rocks.

No one was injured and the boat will not get back into the water until the next high tide.

The boat ran aground on the same day that police marine units were out in full force to kick off Boat Safety Awareness Week, an event designed to remind boaters to stay safe on the water.

The Canadian Boating Council said boaters should be aware of these safety tips:

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– Wear a personal flotation device
– Do not drink
– Be aware of your cold-water environment and dress appropriately for the weather
– Educate yourself by taking a boating course

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