Runoff vote turnout strong from French expats in Quebec

Long lines were the norm in Montreal Saturday, as French voters turned out to vote in their country's presidential election. Saturday, May 6, 2017. Courtesy TVA

French natives are turning out in droves in the Canadian province of Quebec to cast a ballot in France’s presidential runoff.

The French consul general in Montreal said more than 57,000 people registered to vote in the province, an overwhelming majority of them in Montreal.

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In the first round of voting two weeks ago,long lines formed in Montreal as people waited to cast their vote.

While the presidential election in France takes place Sunday, those not in the country must vote Saturday.

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The presidential runoff pits centrist Emmanuel Macron and his pro-European vision against far-right Marine Le Pen and her protectionist views, which resonate with jobless workers.

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Voting also took place Saturday elsewhere in Canada, including the French Embassy in Ottawa. Scarves and jackets were the dress code at voting stations on the French islands of Saint-Pierre and
Miquelon off the chilly northeastern coast of Canada.

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