Bow Valley wolf pack decimated after 1 year

Click to play video: 'Bow Valley wolf pack down to just 2 wolves'
Bow Valley wolf pack down to just 2 wolves
WATCH ABOVE: The past year has been tough on the Bow Valley wolf pack, in the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary. Last year, there were 11 wolves in the pack, now there are just two. David Boushy reports on what caused the sharp decline, and what the future holds for the pack – May 2, 2017

A pack of wolves in Banff National Park has diminished significantly after just one year.

Last year, the Bow Valley wolf pack was considerably stronger with 11 members, but now that number has dwindled to just two.

Parks Canada said two wolves became food conditioned at campgrounds and had to be destroyed, four pups were killed by trains and a two-year-old male decided to leave the pack.

It headed west on a 500-kilometre journey, and eventually met its demise by a hunter who shot and killed him.

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But Parks Canada officials aren’t necessarily concerned.

“Wolves have high reproductive potential, and they will often have five or six pups in a given year,” Jesse Whittington with Parks Canada said. “It’s possible the breeding male that remains has already found a female. It’s also possible other wolves will be moving in to the area shortly.”

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Parks Canada said it’s closely monitoring the situation with GPS and video cameras stationed throughout that valley and it hopes to know more in a few months.


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