NAIT hosts unique conference celebrating the history of Alberta’s food

The 6th annual Eat Alberta conference featured popular dishes from several cultures that have influenced Alberta food. Global News

Indigenous, French, Ukrainian and Chinese — just a few of the cultures that have influenced Alberta cuisine. They’re also among the many different nations’ foods being featured at the sixth annual Eat Alberta Conference at NAIT.

The unique event showcased popular dishes that Albertans love to eat, as well as local producers and chefs. It also features locally grown and locally raised products.

“I like the whole idea of people meeting producers, meeting growers and collaborating,” said Shane Mederic Chartrand, executive chef at the River Cree’s Sage Restaurant.

Chartrand, of indigenous heritage, shared a recipes for bison stew and bannock.

“The biggest reason why I use Alberta-raised products whenever I can is because I get to know the farmers themselves,” Chartrand said. “This bison comes from a local Alberta bison ranch — [the rancher] has actually become a real good friend and I [get] to see how he raises his animals.”
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Chartrand said he tries to use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

“Food sustainability [is about] not taking advantage of anything when you’re eating — use all of the animal if you can, use all the vegetables you can and share everything that you can — not to mention the flavour is that much better.”

The event also featured local chefs Kitty Poon, Steven Brochu and Allan Suddaby.

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