New RUH ‘code blue’ carts to enhance response times

Thirty new “code blue” carts at Royal University Hospital expect to enhance response times, patient outcomes. Dayne Winter/ Global News

When a “code blue” is called in hospital, it means a patient’s heart or breathing has stopped.

Every second counts to save their life.

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That’s why staff at Royal University Hospital (RUH) are celebrating the arrival of 30 new state-of-the-art “code blue” carts.

“These new carts will enhance our ‘code blue’ teams’ response times, performance and patient outcomes,” Dr. Eric Pausjenssen, head of the Saskatoon Health Region’s cardiology division, said.

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The new carts are replacing all current ones that are decades old.

Staff said each one is standardized, meaning the 150 life-saving supplies inside are in the exact same location, saving valuable time during emergency response.

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“When our adrenaline is pumping and a patient’s life is at stake, medical staff can’t afford the time to search for supplies or try to deal with a drawer that won’t open,” registered nurse Lisa Collard, who is the manager of the coronary care unit and heart health operations at the hospital, said.

“We no longer have to worry about that because of the new ‘code blue’ carts.”

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“Code Blue” teams respond to two to three calls each week. Officials said that number is expected to rise due to increasing activity at RUH, the largest emergency care and trauma centre in the province.

The purchase is the largest single group acquisition of carts in the history of RUH.

The Royal University Hospital Foundation also raised enough money to purchase new cardiac monitors for two of the carts.

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