Tips to save on gas, as prices at the pump soar across Winnipeg

Gas prices around Winnipeg have spiked to 107.9 cents a litre. Brittany Greenslade/Global News

WINNIPEG — As the temperatures begin to climb so is the cost of gas around Winnipeg.

The average price at the pump was 106.7 Wednesday morning, according to The highest gas price in the city was averaging at 107.9 cents a litre. Last month the average price of gas in the city was 99.6 cents a litre.

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If you’re hoping to save on gas ahead of the Easter long weekend, there are a couple of tips so you don’t get hosed at the gas pumps.

“As the busy spring and summer road trip season approaches, drivers should expect to see more increases at the pump as gas will be in high demand,” Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada said.

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“As gas prices continue to rise, it will affect many families greatly. The extra $10 or $20 or more they spend on gas on a weekly basis could mean, the less they have to spend on other household expenses.”

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Schwatz offered some tips for drivers to lower fuel consumption.

Ease foot off the gas

If you drive fast and then step on the brake really hard once you’re at a stop light, you’re burning more gas than you need to. Driving with a light foot and easing off the gas can increase your fuel mileage, Schwartz said.

It’s also best to avoid driving fast when on the highway. At 120 km/h, a vehicle uses about 20 per cent more fuel than at 100 km/h, according to Natural Resources Canada.

Firm tires

When you drive on soft tires, your vehicle will burn more fuel, as low pressure increases rolling resistance. Tire experts normally recommend tire pressure to be somewhere between 30 and 32 lbs. per square inch, he said.

Don’t idle

Idling wastes a lot of gas. Schwartz recommends trying not to let your vehicle run for more than a minute. If you idle your vehicle longer, you could be losing a lot of gas, he added.

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Lighten your load

An easy way to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is to make the car as light as possible. The less weight in your vehicle, the less fuel your engine will need and the fewer carbon dioxide emissions your vehicle will produce, Schwartz said.

Another tip is to remove roof racks when you’re not using them. A roof rack will decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Consider your bike

As the weather warms up you may want to ditch your car for your bike or public transportation – a healthier and cheaper option.

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