1 horse rescued, 5 killed in large barn fire near Delaware

The Middlesex Centre fire department says five horses died, one survived in a barn fire on Decker Drive on March 31, 2017.
The Middlesex Centre fire department says five horses died, one survived in a barn fire on Decker Drive on March 31, 2017. Google Maps

Middlesex Centre Fire Services are battling a large blaze at a barn outside of Delaware.

Fire crews responded to the fire on Decker Drive around 3:40 a.m. on Friday.

Upon arrival, the steel barn structure containing stalls and a riding arena was partially engulfed in flames.

According to officials, there were horses inside the structure.

Firefighters rescued one horse but five horses died in the fire.

According to fire crews, no injuries were reported for farm workers or to firefighters.

Middlesex Centre’s Delaware and Coldstream stations are continuing to combat the fire with the assistance from Oneida Fire Services.

The London Fire Department has provided tankers for additional water supply.

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According to officials, the Middlesex County Fire Prevention Officer is on scene and awaiting the arrival of the Ontario Fire Marshal.

The Middlesex Centre Fire Services says barn fires are more common during the winter months in Ontario.

Residents are reminded to practice fire safety in their homes as well as in barns and outbuildings.

According to officials, some tips for farm fire safety include:

  • Put manure piles at least 10 metres away from barns to reduce risk of combustion.
  • Ensure hay and straw are properly dried before storing in the barn.
  • Check all appliances, wiring, electrical and heating equipment to ensure they are in safe and working order.
  • Repair or replace any frayed or damaged wiring as soon as it is identified.
  • Never refuel engines inside a building or while the engine is running or hot.
  • Extension cords should only be used temporarily and should be removed after use.
  • Do not allow smoking in or around barns or near flammable farm materials.

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Middlesex Centre Fire Services launched a barn fire safety campaign in 2016 entitled “More at Stake than the Barn.”

The initiative works with local farmers to ensure that their properties and livestock are protected from fire.

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