The mystery of the Point Pleasant Park heads

Click to play video 'The mystery of the Point Pleasant Park heads' The mystery of the Point Pleasant Park heads
WATCH: Halifax’s municipal government says it will remove a giant Chia Pet-like head from Point Pleasant Park that appears to have appeared only a short time ago. As Global’s Steve Silva reports, its origin is unknown to the government but it does have some company – Mar 27, 2017

Staff at Halifax’s Point Pleasant Park have found three pieces of art shaped like large human heads since last year.

The latest head is on a south-eastern hill next to fenced-off ruins adjacent to the shore.

“Maybe that’s where the treasure is from Oak Island. Who knows?” said Gerald Rousselle.

He said he first saw the head about a month ago and wanted to show his friend Tony Bitar on Monday.

The orange head, a couple of feet tall from the ground where part of the neck area is buried, appears to be made of clay.

“He’s got a friendly face. I think he’s inviting,” said Rousselle. “Maybe [it’s supposed to be] Terry Fox. Who knows?”
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The head’s eyes look as if they’re staring into the ocean.

“I think it just adds some character to the park,” said jogger Paul Bowman.

Municipal staff don’t know of heads’ origins

Lucas Wide, a spokesperson for the municipal government, said there was another clay head found in the park last year.

“I don’t know if they’re linked or if this will be an annual occurrence,” he said. “It’s just a mystery at this point.”

A few weeks ago, staff removed a separate, painted head.

“There is a process in place for people who would like to install art in the park that they can make an application for,” said Wide.

One piece of art found by staff at Point Pleasant Park in 2017. Inset courtesy: Halifax Regional Municipality

The aforementioned clay head was not sanctioned by the municipality.

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It will be removed later this week and then kept in storage, Lucas said.

“Everybody has a reason for doing what they do in life, right? Maybe he just wants to showcase his artwork, and this is just one step in many ways that he’s probably doing it,” said Bitar.

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Tara Mulloy, a jogger, said the municipality should embrace the mysteriousness of the head and let it stay, then add a sign stating it’s not known why and how the head got there.

She also suggested that a guestbook of sorts be added for people to write about why they think the head is there and what it makes them feel.

“It’s a social experiment. I think some art students are putting it there to see what people’s reactions will be, and they’re getting a lot of reaction right now, so it’s working,” said Mulloy with a laugh.

The location of the head is where she said she normally stops during a jog to look out at the water.

“So maybe this is a good spot for a head to be looking out,” she Mulloy.