Fredericton gym members put some muscle into giving back

Members at Biometrics Performance Gym decided to use their annual competition as a way to encourage donations to local charities. Jeremy Keefe/Global News

A Fredericton gym’s competition between its members saw around 60 people go head-to-head to try to best each other in gruelling workouts — and in donations to local charities.

Members at Biometrics Performance Gym are likely relieved — and probably a bit sore — now that the Intramural Open Competition, a five-week-long team challenge, has wrapped up for the year.

It’s a staple event in the gym’s calendar that first began in 2015.

This year, the gym decided to approach the competition slightly differently, using the event as a way to give back to those who might need a hand.

“We have such a great community here at Biometrics [and] we wanted to give back to the city of Fredericton, so each week there was a challenge,” explained competition coordinator Kelsie Poole. “Our first week we did a food drive, we donated to the Fredericton Food Bank; our third week we did a SPCA drive … and then this week, we’re doing a clothing drive [for] the Diabetes Association.”
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In the first week, over 700 items were collected for the food bank, while the third week’s challenge brought in over 400 items for the SPCA, such as pet food and cat litter.

The final week’s clothing drive may have topped both those challenges — early estimates suggest gym members donated more than 1,000 items of clothing.

Poole said she knew the tenacious spirit of her fellow Biometrics members would translate perfectly from the gym floor to the donation bin.

“Everybody that goes here is very inclusive and very giving,” she said. “Just like they would attack a workout, they attacked these challenges.”

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