100 dogs removed from Lethbridge home

File: Lethbridge Animal Services.
File: Lethbridge Animal Services. Lethbridge Animal Services

About 100 dogs found inside a Lethbridge home are being seized by the Alberta SPCA.

Two young, large-breed dogs and approximately 100 small-breed dogs were located inside the residence, the City of Lethbridge said in a release.

Alberta SPCA told Global News it took a phone call from a concerned resident about the animals, which prompted them to send two peace officers scene, along with a veterinarian to assess the condition of the dogs.

The resident of the home is said to be cooperating with authorities.

The dogs are now being cared for in a safe environment at the Lethbridge Animal Shelter and are receiving veterinary care. The seized dogs are being isolated in a sterile room, separate from other animals at the shelter.

Lethbridge Animal Services posted to its Facebook and Twitter accounts Friday morning that it is closed for the day as its care staff and officers help deal with the seizure.

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The city said that while people may want to donate pet supplies or their time, the staff are focusing their efforts on the care of the dogs, and cannot coordinate and administer donations at this time.


The investigation is still ongoing and the Alberta SPCA, the City of Lethbridge, and Lethbridge Animal Services will not be providing any further details.