Caught on Camera: Man pulled over for DUI stop impresses cops by juggling

Click to play video: 'Man pulled over for DUI stop impresses cops by juggling'
Man pulled over for DUI stop impresses cops by juggling
WATCH ABOVE: An Arkansas man found a unique way to convince officers he was sober during a DUI stop: juggling. – Mar 8, 2017

A police officer’s body camera captured the moment a DUI stop transformed into an impromptu talent show last Friday night in Conway, Arkansas.

The video, released by the University of Central Arkansas police department, shows the moment two officers pull over a young man with the license plate “JUGGLER” to conduct a roadside sobriety test.

The man in question is University of Central Arkansas student Blayk Puckett – and it turns out the license plate is very intentional.

“I perform professionally as a magician and juggler, taking my entertainment wherever it’s needed,” Puckett told Global News. “It’s a comedy, magic and juggling show.”

Blayk said he was making his way home after studying late at the campus library. Aware one of his brake lights was out, Puckett tried to drive as carefully as possible.

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“As I was driving home the cops got behind me, of course, so I’m trying to drive as carefully as possible cause there’s a cop [behind me],” Puckett said.

Turns out his slow speed led to him being pulled over, as the officers were suspicious of someone driving that slowly late at night. As captured in the video, the officers converse politely with Blayk for a few minutes before the subject of his employment comes up.

“What’s that in your pocket?” Sgt. Keith McKay, one of the officers, asks Puckett.

“This is going to sound weird, but I’m a magician,” Puckett replies. “It’s a magic prop.”

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That’s when the officers notice the pins in the back of Puckett’s car.

“I’m a magician – but I also juggle,” Puckett explains to the officers – and soon, an impromptu performance is underway.

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“Just for fun, I thought they might enjoy some juggling,” Puckett said.

Puckett and the officers share a laugh at the juggling act, before McKay explains to Puckett exactly why he was pulled over.

UCA police stress that the juggling was not a substitute for a DUI test.

“Our officers did not use Mr. Puckett’s juggling prowess as proof of his sobriety or as a way to get out of a citation,” Michael Hopper, a spokesperson for the University of Central Arkansas Police Department, told Global News.

For his part, Blayk is enjoying the increased profile the video’s popularity has netted him since it was released to local media outlets. Oh, and about the original cause of the stop?

“I got the brake light replaced this morning,” Puckett said.

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