Makerspace project transforms artistic concepts into entrepreneurial ventures

WATCH ABOVE: Makerspace, the new innovation hot spot in Riversdale, is helping transform local artistic concepts into entrepreneurial ventures.

It’s the new innovation hot spot in downtown Saskatoon.

Makerspace provides access to an assortment of design and do-it-yourself tools to help creators transform their visions to reality.

“Our goal is to have a space where a creative person can walk into it and the only thing that holds them back is their own creativity. There will never be a lack of tools or education to be able to accomplish what they want to create,” co-founder Devon Plett said from the Avenue C South location.

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Plett came up with the idea for Makerspace after being frustrated that he couldn’t get access to design and production equipment after high school.

“Throughout high school I ran a small skateboard company with a couple friends and through that became really familiar with silk screen and decals.”

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“I realized I can’t be the only one who wants access to these tools and push their own thing.”

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The multi-use space has a 3D printer, decal and laser cutter, silk screen to print on textiles and a wood shop.

“Another thing we like to do is provide a spot for our members to come and take photos of what they just made. They can rent a camera from us and take nice photos of a piece of furniture they just made or t-shirts they just printed,” Plett explained during a tour of the building.

To use Makerspace, you have to purchase a membership or pay a drop-in fee, and go through mandatory equipment training.

Devon and his wife Kendra see the space as a community for creators and a hub of collaboration.

“We’re all about community. If artists come here they can feed off of each other,” she said.

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“They can create something that they couldn’t necessarily at home.”