Bobcat spotted in northwest Calgary community

A bobcat spotted in Varsity Saturday morning. Credit: Amy and Ian Mitchell

A Calgary family living in Varsity were surprised when they looked out the back window of their home to find a bobcat sitting in a nearby tree Saturday.

Amy Mitchell and her dad Ian started taking some pictures since it’s quite a rare sight to see a bobcat in the northwest.

“It was pretty cool. You don’t see that everyday,” Mitchell said. “It was twice the size of a cat and was just sitting on the tree soaking up the sunlight.”

Amy said a few people have spotted him before in their neighbourhood.

“There are a couple of ponds nearby, so we are thinking that is why he is sticking around,” Mitchell said. “[It’s} a warning to people who live in this area to keep a close eye on small dogs or outdoor cats.”

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Credit: Amy and Ian Mitchell

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The bobcat sat in the tree for about an hour.

Credit: Amy and Ian Mitchell
Credit: Amy and Ian Mitchell



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