5 makeup mistakes that will age you

Click to play video: 'Makeup mistakes that can age you' Makeup mistakes that can age you
WATCH: Artists Within Makeup Academy director Tara Anand joins Global Calgary to demonstrate some makeup mistakes that can age you – Feb 16, 2017

Could your makeup routine be making you look older than you actually are?

Tara Anand from Artists Within Makeup Academy joined Global Calgary on Thursday with a look at five makeup mistakes that can age you.

Using too much foundation

Anand said women who begin seeing fine lines sometimes try to cover them up by using extra foundation.

Instead, Anand recommends using a foundation primer before applying foundation.

“That kind of gives you a nice barrier, it allows your foundation to sit on the surface of the skin rather than sinking into those fine lines.”

She also suggested only using foundation in problem areas.

“Instead of going all the way over the face, just focus on the areas where you’ve got redness or you need the coverage.”

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If you need extra coverage, Anand said you can then add in concealer.

Or, if you aren’t looking for too much coverage, Anand said you can use a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer.

Using powder all over your face

Anand suggests using powder only “where you need it” instead of over the entire face.

“Mainly the T-zone, just around the nose,” she said, advising women to avoid putting powder on their cheeks and forehead.

Too much contouring and highlighting

Anand suggests avoiding contouring and highlighting as you get older.

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“You want to actually create a little more plumpness to the face to look more youthful,” she explained.

Using shimmery eye shadow

Anand suggests avoiding shimmery or sparkly eye shadows.

“That will sit into fine lines and make you look older,” she said. “Go mainly with matte shadows.”

When applying eye shadow to your crease, Anand said to use a brush to place it slightly higher than where your natural crease is.

“As you age the skin does tend to start sagging a little bit,” she explained. “It actually gives the illusion of your crease sitting a little bit higher than it does, which will give you more lift.”

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Skipping your eyebrows

Don’t skip your eyebrows! Shading them in can make you look more youthful.

“People don’t think about it always,” Anand said. “It really creates lift to the whole face and the eyes.”

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