Suspense movie action in Kelowna

Sepia film set in Kelowna. Global News File Photo

A movie is being filmed in Kelowna.

Tiny House of Terror is a suspense thriller being shot until February 25th.

It’s being produced by Vancouver’s Sepia Films and Just Singer Entertainment out of Los Angeles.

“Sepia Films has brought seven films to the Okanagan, each one hiring more locals and training new crew.” said Okanagan Film Comissioner Jon Summerland in a new release. “Sepia has helped the region to become a production hub and has helped build its local infrastructure.”

Summerland said independent films are a growing industry in the Okanagan.

“Indie films are the easiest route for an inexperienced local to land a job as a crew member. Indie films build our crew base.”

The movie is directed by Paul Shapiro whose television credits include The X-Files and 24.

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Leading actors are Francia Raisa, Nazneen Contractor and Jesse Hutch.

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