Super Bowl ads: Google, Coca-Cola, Airbnb advertise messages of togetherness and acceptance

Screenshot. Twitter / @Airbnb

As the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots battled it out in Houston, major companies promoted a different message with their Super Bowl 51 commercials.

Google, Coca-Cola and Airbnb were among those that delivered themes of together and acceptance, during what can be described as a divisive time in the U.S.

Watch Google’s ad:

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Football hall-of-famer Joe Montana:

Here’s Airbnb co-founder and CEO with more context:

A lot of people reacted to the ads like this:

But not everyone is pleased with these messages:

Budweiser ran an ad of its founder’s immigrant story.

Budweiser stirs controversy with new Super Bowl ad
Budweiser stirs controversy with new Super Bowl ad

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And people are threatening to boycott the iconic American beer brand.

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So, who do you think had the best ad at this year’s Super Bowl?