‘We’re scrambling to survive:’ The days for Craig Street Cats could be numbered says Executive Director

Craig Street Cats are asking for Winnipeg's help. Zahra Premji/Global News

WINNIPEG — While Craig Street Cats should be celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, it’s struggling with keeping the doors open instead.

Lynne Scott is the Executive Director of Craig Street Cats and has been there since its inception 10 years ago.

Scott started helping feral cats in her own home first and then opened her non-profit, Craig Street Cats.

Craig Street Cats is the only one of its kind in Winnipeg. It is a feral cat management program and a kitten rescue working with Winnipeg’s 100,000 or more community cats.

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“We are the only organization in Winnipeg that is actively working to humanely reduce the free roaming cat population in this city,” Scott said.

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But, it’s an organization that Scott said is not receiving any aid from the city because of what she calls out-dated bylaws.

“Winnipeg, in this particular area, is falling behind the rest of the world,” Scott said.

She said she can name at least 20 other cities in Canada whose bylaws recognize the work she is doing as legal. In the city of Winnipeg, she said the Animal Care Act states that the work she is doing is technically not supposed to be happening.

Now, with the lack of city support and the full reliance on generosity from strangers, Scott said she’s left struggling to keep the doors open to the roughly 260 cats she’s taking care of on site at Craig Street Cats.

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Scott said any help is welcome. She said she just wants to continue humanely taking care of cats to give them the love and respect they deserve.


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