Expelled Alberta PC organizer seeks reinstatement, says he was denied due process

File/The Alberta PC Party. Global News

EDMONTON – A campaign organizer banished from the Alberta PC party for a year for offensive posts on social media says he is filing paperwork Wednesday asking he be reinstated.

Alan Hallman has already apologized for the two Tweets and says he was denied due process when his membership was pulled on the weekend in a meeting of the party’s board of directors.

Hallman says he doesn’t know who lodged a complaint against him or whether anyone complained at all.

He says he wasn’t asked to give his side of the story and only learned of his expulsion when the decision was leaked Saturday night on social media.

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Hallman had been a key organizer for the campaign of party leadership candidate Jason Kenney.

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The expulsion is exposing deep rifts within the party, with interim leader Ric McIver, the president of the party’s youth wing and other party members openly arguing against it.

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On Monday, the Progressive Conservative Youth of Alberta (PCYA) appointed Hallman an honourary chair.

The group, which is described on the PCYA website as being the “youth wing” of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta (PCAA), said in a statement they are honouring “Hallman’s 35-years of contribution to the party”  and for “welcoming hundreds of young Albertans into our party during the 2017 leadership race.”

With files from Sarah Komadina, Global News

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