Edmonton’s first-ever lice treatment centre offers ‘WiFi, child-friendly snacks’

The Lice Crew opens for business in Edmonton. Credit: The Lice Crew

Edmonton’s first-ever lice prevention and treatment clinic is now open for business to combat the notorious hair critters.

Located on 47 Street and 91 Avenue, The Lice Crew clinic is promising a 100 per cent lice-free guarantee by using only all-natural, non-toxic products.

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The company also offers in-home and mobile appointments and has equipped its clinics with “WiFi, child friendly snacks, movies, toys and games,” its website says.

The Lice Crew advertises expert lice detection, treatment and education.

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“Lice is a scary word that no parent wants to hear when getting a call from their children’s school,” Andrea Hecht, co-founder of the Lice Crew,
said. “Unfortunately it does happen and treatment has been more and more difficult with the recent super lice strain that is on the rise.”

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The Lice Crew says, according to recent findings, over 98 per cent of lice cases are the new “super lice” variety that are resistant to many over-the-counter treatments.

Prices range from $20 for a head lice screening to $80 per hour for lice removal treatment.

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For more information on The Lice Crew clinic you can visit the website or reach them by phone at 587-463-0566.

There are other lice removal services in Edmonton, but this claims to be the first permanent physical clinic.

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