429 roads and bridges in Saskatchewan receive infrastructure funding

The federal Gas Tax Fund is supporting road and bridge projects across Saskatchewan. Global News

A total of 429 road and bridge projects across the province have received funding from the federal government.

Based on project plans from 2016, the 2016-17 federal Gas Tax Fund, which provides Canadian municipalities with long-term funding to build local public infrastructure, is supporting 309 local road and bridge projects in Saskatchewan’s rural municipalities.

The fund also supports 120 road and bridge projects in urban municipalities.

One of the projects includes street and bridge infrastructure renewal in Regina with an estimated cost of $121,760,000. The City of Regina received $43,551,947 for the project.

Other funding allocations include $150,063 for the Town of Eatonia to install wheelchair accessible sidewalks along two blocks of Main Street, $853,267 to help reconstruct and repave several local streets to improve the driving surface in La Ronge and $30,131 to resurface the main street in the Village of Buylea.

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In rural areas, Rural Municipality of Big Arm No. 251 plans to replace Code Bridge with a single-span 12-metre bridge. The bridge is expected to help the municipality avoid future road closures due to flooding and to provide a transportation route for agricultural goods. The Rural Municipality received $59,080 for this project.

The Rural Municipality of Usborne No. 310 is planning to resurface 22 kilometres of PG 668, which connects three communities, two potash mines and an aggregate reserve. A total of $161,584 is going to that project.

The Rural Municipality of Waverley No. 44 will replace two small bridges with large culverts for all-season access. That project has been allocated $50,000.

“We need smart investments in safe and modern transportation infrastructure to support trade and create good, well-paying jobs that help the middle class prosper,” Ralph Goodale, minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, said in a statement.

“Over a decade ago, as Finance Minister, I created the federal Gas Tax Fund to provide municipal governments with a new and substantial revenue stream to upgrade local infrastructure. It recognizes the importance of local decision-making, allowing Saskatchewan’s rural municipalities to direct federal dollars to their priorities across a wide range of project categories, including local roads and bridges, making a real difference in people’s lives.”

Below is the full list of all the communities receiving funding:

Urban Local Bridges and Roads

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Rural Local Bridges and Roads


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