Dashcam video captures dangerous driver on Sea to Sky Highway

Click to play video 'Dangerous driving on Sea-to-Sky Highway caught on camera' Dangerous driving on Sea-to-Sky Highway caught on camera
WATCH: A new dashcam video of some extremely dangerous driving is getting a lot of attention online. As Rumina Daya reports, the vehicle in question appears to be a bus – Dec 22, 2016

A driver was travelling on the Sea to Sky Highway on Sunday afternoon when the actions of another driver trying to pass startled him.

“Something bad could have taken place,” said Ken, who was on his way to Whistler when the incident happened.

He was on a stretch of the highway with no passing lane, but that didn’t stop a shuttle bus pulling a trailer from trying to get ahead.

The unknown driver came from behind and crossed the solid yellow centreline into oncoming traffic, pushing Ken off to the side of the road, before merging in front.

Ken says he stayed calm and let the driver pass, but was surprised that anyone would try that kind of maneuver, especially in snowy conditions.

Squamish RCMP Cnst. Matt Kinshela says officers will be investigating the incident, which was caught on dashcam.

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“It’s very dangerous to the public. I can’t stress enough how dangerous the actions of the driver were and certainly we’ll be investigating,” Kinshela said.

Ken posted the dashcam video to his Facebook page, where it’s been viewed over 18,000 times.

“I posted it for public awareness. Hopefully they won’t do it again.”

With files from Rumina Daya