WATCH: Security footage shows apparent attempted car theft

Click to play video: 'RAW: Surveillance footage shows apparent attempted car theft'
RAW: Surveillance footage shows apparent attempted car theft
RAW: Surveillance footage shows apparent attempted car theft – Dec 22, 2016

WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg man was seconds away from encountering someone who appeared to be trying to steal his truck from his driveway.

Jerid Hiebert caught someone on his security camera trying to open the driver side door to his truck as the engine idled early Monday morning.

“Knowing it was only 45 seconds before I came out of the house, it was sort of a close call. I don’t know what my instincts would have been had I come out while the guy was there,” he said.

After using his remote starter from inside the house, Hiebert went outside to get in the truck.

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He found footprints in fresh snow leading from the bottom of the driveway, to the truck door and back to the street.

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WATCH: Global’s Sean Leslie speaks with Jerid Hiebert about close call with possible thief

Click to play video: 'Security footage shows apparent attempted car theft'
Security footage shows apparent attempted car theft

He checked his security footage and saw a person unsuccessfully try to get into his truck.

“The way they kind of tiptoed up and ran off pretty quick it was like they’d done it before,” he said.

However, the door was locked and there were no keys kept in the vehicle so it would have been impossible to steal the truck.

Hiebert lives on a quiet street in Charleswood, not the type of area typically associated with vehicle thefts.

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However, MPI said vehicle theft can be a problem anywhere.

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“Auto theft happens everywhere, it can happen on a quiet residential street, it can happen in the back parking lot, it can happen in rural Manitoba,” said Brian Smiley, MPI spokesperson.

That means all drivers need to remember important messages about preventing auto theft, like not leaving spare keys in vehicles, ensuring immobilizers are used properly and not leaving a car running with the keys in the ignition.

“People will fall into a bit of a false sense of security thinking it won’t happen to them but it just happens to take one second when an auto thief is walking by and they see that vehicle unattended, they will take that opportunity, they’ll steal it,” said Smiley.

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