Cop stops speeding college student late for presentation, helps tie necktie

Click to play video: 'Cop ties necktie for college student after pulling him over for speeding' Cop ties necktie for college student after pulling him over for speeding
ABOVE: Cop does speeding college student a favour by tying necktie – Dec 22, 2016

A Wisconsin police officer stopped a speeding college student who was running late for a presentation and ended up tying the student’s necktie for him after the student couldn’t find his buddy to help him.

Menomonie Police Department posted dash cam video of the Nov. 30 traffic stop exchange on its Facebook page Tuesday.

The video shows Officer Martin Folczyk pulling up behind the University of Wisconsin-Stout student in a parking lot.

The officer explained to the student he was trying to pull him over for speeding when the student explained his reasoning.

“I have to get a tie tied and I have a presentation and I thought my buddy was home but he’s not and I’m running behind” the student explained.

The officer questioned the student about his travels to the parking lot.

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“Yeah, that house up there, that’s one of my good friends’ house and he knows how to tie ties and I honestly don’t know how to,” the young man explained.

“Where’s your tie?” the officer asked.

The student pulls a necktie from his backpack and hands it to the officer.

“While I do this, why don’t you grab your proof of insurance and your driver’s license quick,” Folczyk says as he wraps the tie around his neck.

The video shows the officer tying the necktie as the student goes through his car and retrieves the requested documents.

“There, you should be able to adjust it,” the cop says as he hands back the pre-tied fashion accessory. “Probably not the best knot but it’ll work.”

“Yeah, it’ll work,” the student says. “A lot better than what I was going to do that’s for sure. Thank you.”

The officer verifies the documents as the student fiddles with the neck decoration in preparation for his presentation.

With a popped collar and a loose tie, the student is informed that he has an expired copy of his insurance.

“I’m actually going home right after the presentation,” the student says as the officer again reaches for the young man’s tie.

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“Let’s see, your … I got to tie it shorter,” Folczyk says. “It’s kind of hard with all this crap on.”

After a second attempt at tying the necktie for the student, the officer hands it back to him and sends the student off to do the presentation but not before warning him to slow down next time.

Speaking with ABC News, the student said he received a 92 per cent grade on his outside sales class presentation. He also noted that the police chief invited the student down to the station for a quick lesson on tying neckties.

“I went back and met with him for about 30 minutes and he taught me! It was cool,” Trevor Keeney told the news station.

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