Abused puppy, Asha recovering at loving home during the holidays

Click to play video: 'Asha the dog recovering in loving Winnipeg home' Asha the dog recovering in loving Winnipeg home
WATCH: Asha is now six-months-old and already 80 pounds. The puppy dropped by the Morning News on Tuesday with her owner, Chantelle Gauthier – Dec 20, 2016

WINNIPEG — Nearly five months after an abused puppy was taken into a Winnipeg veterinary hospital for care, Asha is now recovering during the holidays in a loving home.

On Tuesday, Asha, a six-month-old German Shepherd-mix, was on Global News Morning, with her owner, Chantalle Gauthier. Gauthier said since she adopted Asha, it’s been nothing but love for the puppy.

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“She has no trust issues with people or dogs that we have seen, at this point we don’t think she will have any,” she said.

In July, Manitoba RCMP launched an animal cruelty investigation after a disturbing video was shared on social media. The video showed a young man throwing Asha into the air over a paved road.

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Manitoba Underdogs Rescue then picked up Asha from Easterville, Man.,, initially believing she was paralyzed. Although there was some damage to her spine, X-rays showed Asha had no major fractures.

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Gauthier, who works with the rescue shelter, saw one of Asha’s recovery pictures on Facebook and showed it to her husband.

“I have been with Manitoba Underdogs for a couple of years ago and get posts on Facebook about cute puppies…and always show my husband,” Gauthier said. “This was the first time he was the one who initiated the adoption.”

Asha and her siblings. Chantelle Gauthier
The six-month-old is recovering at her Winnipeg home. Chantelle Gauthier
Her owner says she loves playing with other dogs. Chantelle Gauthier
Asha and her sibling. Chantelle Gauthier
Asha and her siblings. Chantelle Gauthier
She is nearly 80 pounds and only six-months-old. Chantelle Gauthier
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Chantelle Gauthier
Chantelle Gauthier

When the two first brought Asha home, Gauthier said the dog had to be careful and playtime was limited, as she was much smaller then. But months later Asha is now happy and loving her new home. She even has two “sibling” dogs, who play with her constantly, Gauthier said.

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“She has obedience classes and goes to doggy day camp once a week. She loves little dogs, but she does not know how big she is, so sometimes they don’t like her very much,” Gauthier joked.

Asha finished her “puppy manners” course on Sunday and is starting the next level after the Christmas break. In the meantime, the 80 pound puppy continues to grow, and bring much love to the family, Gauthier said.

WATCH: Asha recovers at Winnipeg animal hospital

Click to play video: 'A look at how Asha is recovering at the animal hospital' A look at how Asha is recovering at the animal hospital
A look at how Asha is recovering at the animal hospital – Jul 28, 2016

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