Nova Scotia couple loses nearly 250 pounds, aren’t done yet

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WATCH ABOVE: Losing weight will be the goal for many people in 2017 and we just may have the inspiration you need to kick start a healthier lifestyle. Global's Natasha Pace introduces us to a couple who have lost nearly 250 pounds and are now working to motivate others. – Dec 19, 2016

For as long as Michaela and Traves Bezenar can remember, the couple have struggled with their weight.

“Before, I did literally nothing. I would walk from the car to wherever I was going and that would be the extent of it,” Michaela said.

“I was very fat but I was happy with my life,” said Traves. “I wasn’t embarrassed really of my body. I enjoyed eating chips and watching TV.”

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Earlier this year, Michaela decided she was going to make a big lifestyle change and lose some weight once and for all. She started eating healthier and spending 30 minutes a day exercising, usually at home.

“It’s not been easy, I won’t lie. It’s been a huge change from eating out several times a week to making all of our food and buying all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, stuff like that,” Michaela said. “It’s been a challenge but it’s worth it.”

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Before their weight loss journey earlier this year, Michaela and Traves Bezenar both struggled with their weight. Courtesy: Michaela Bezenar

At first, Traves admits he wasn’t interested in getting fit, but his wife ultimately encouraged him to become more active.

“She was in the living room exercising and I was in the kitchen eating Toaster Strudels and chocolate milk for breakfast. I felt bad because she was trying really hard to better her life and I was kind of making a mockery of it,” Traves said.

The couple officially started their weight loss journey together in April. The results so far are impressive: in just eight months, Michaela has lost 66 pounds.

“The results obviously are the best part. We’re much smaller. We’re feeling really good,” she said.

“I still can’t believe sometimes that we’ve actually done this. It’s completely amazing. We’ve changed our whole lives.”

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Although hesitant to start working out and eating differently, Traves has lost 177 pounds and is now literally half the man he used to be.

Traves attributes the loss of his first 40 pounds to doing yoga alone. Once he got more confident with himself, the Bezenars started working out together and haven’t looked back since.

“Without her, I’d still be 400 pounds,” Traves said of his wife’s encouragement.

“It feels good. I try not to talk about it a lot with people because I don’t do it to come off like I’m bragging about it but I’m really happy with the weight that I’ve lost.

The top photos are from April, the bottom are from December. So far, Michaela has lost 66 pounds. Courtesy: Michaela Bezenar

Despite losing nearly 250 pounds between the two of them, the couple aren’t done yet. Michaela and Traves each have set a goal weight of 160 pounds.

Knowing the struggles of losing weight herself, Michaela has now started a Facebook page where she shares healthy eating and exercise tips, as a way to support and encourage others looking to make a lifestyle change.

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Since April, Traves Bezenar has lost 177 pounds. He’s literally half the size he once was. Courtesy: Michaela Bezenar

“I was probably the last person that anyone would think to start something like this, so, just go for it. You can do it. It’s hard work but it’s worth it,” she said.

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“Getting going was the hardest part for me. Getting into the routine of getting up and working out every day was a big thing. Once you’re into it, it’s easy. Once you form that habit of working out, it’s easier. It’s not a chore,” said Traves.

“Once you’ve started, just don’t give up. People will tell you [you] can’t do it or they’ll tell you you’ve lost enough weight but if you’re still not happy, then don’t stop, keep going.”