Stephen Colbert ridicules Kanye West’s meeting with Donald Trump

Click to play video: 'Stephen Colbert mocks Kanye West/Trump meeting'
Stephen Colbert mocks Kanye West/Trump meeting
WATCH: Stephen Colbert mocks the Kanye West-Donald Trump meet-up – Dec 14, 2016

Stephen Colbert started Tuesday’s episode of The Late Show cracking some jokes about president-elect Donald Trump’s meeting with rapper Kanye West.

“You can tell it was high-powered meeting because Kanye is wearing his formal sweatsuit,” Colbert joked about the meeting, which took place Tuesday morning at Trump Tower in New York City.

“Now obviously, a meeting like this is a security risk: gathering the two most powerful American narcissists in the same room. Just for security reasons, they had to keep Shia LaBeouf in an undisclosed location for continuity of government,” Colbert added. He also joked that the two were going to release an album. “It’s called The Deportation of Pablo. Can’t wait.”

WATCH BELOW: Kanye West and Donald Trump meet at Trump Tower

Click to play video: 'Kanye West and Donald Trump meet at Trump Tower'
Kanye West and Donald Trump meet at Trump Tower

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Trump said to the press gathered in the Trump Tower lobby that West was a “good man” and that they have been friends for a “long time.” The president-elect added he and West discussed “life.”

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West later addressed his meeting with Trump on Twitter, also revealing that he believes Trump will take two terms as president by tweeting, “#2024.” West also seems to be suggesting his own plans to “run for president” in 2020 have changed to “2024.”

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On Wednesday morning, West posted a photo of a Trump-signed Time magazine, presumably signed during their meeting.

Colbert had his own take on the Trump-West sit-down. “I’m not sure what cabinet position Kanye was applying for. Which government agency regulates diamond masks and track pants?” he said jokingly.

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The host of The Late Show wasn’t the only person who was confused by the meeting.

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Watch Colbert ridicule Trump and West in the video at the top of the article.


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